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360-degree video

VR (or virtual reality) cannot be called a novelty today! It is becoming more and more familiar to people. 360-degree video has long been available on social networks and video resources, and in addition, equipment manufacturers today already offer many devices and technological solutions that allow using this format.

It is easy to get access to good software today that allows you to edit and distribute this type of content, and leading producers of film editing software are complementing new versions with tools for working in a 100% visibility environment.

If in our country the use of virtual reality capabilities is still at the stage of 'childhood', then in some countries he is such an adult child that you can look at him and judge what will grow out of him. Everything indicates that the real VR boom around the world will come very, very soon.

360-degree video - where to use them?

What is the difference between regular film and spherical film? This video allows you to see everything around the camera. This is the ideal technology from https://video-vr-360.com/ for presenting real estate, production halls or tourist attractions.

Are you organizing a conference? 360-degree video recorded during the performances - grabs the attention of the audience on social networks.

360-degree video is a great Facebook companion to complement the standard event video.

Movie guides that advertise cities created with 360-degree cameras are becoming more and more popular.

Although spherical videos have been available for a long time (both YouTube and Facebook allow downloads), they still grab attention and stand out among the hundreds of videos that Internet users “scroll” every day.

Using a video of this format for the purpose of promotions is guaranteed to attract a potential consumer of the product.

360-degree video lets you create the impression that you are in the middle of the action with the ability to interact. Unlike virtual reality video applications, this is just a turn in any direction, but it is still much more than a completely passive perception of a regular film. Well, if the recipient has a set of 'virtual reality', including Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, Oculus or Samsung GearVR, they can fully allow each shot to be 'experienced'.

360-degree video - the benefits of technology

The great thing about these movies is that they're not just for VR headset users. They can be viewed on computer screens by moving the image with the mouse cursor or on a smartphone, using the accelerometer, you can rotate the phone and view the picture from different angles.

For example, in 2014, a social network like Facebook spent more than $ 2 billion buying Oculus. The Oculus Go has already gone on sale for just around $ 200, which is quite affordable for the average consumer.

360-degree videos are a great way to stand out as a company or city from hundreds of others. This is also a contribution to the development of the future of the company, because everything indicates that the demand for content in this format will increase.

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